Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mac Fashion Sets (Ablaze)

This is the fist Post of the new Mac Collections that i have just invested in! I have the Lipstick and the Lip pencil From this collection in this colour.

The wonderfull thing about this collection is that you have 5 products that match! this makes life super easy! and from what i can tell from the swatches they look like they would intermix well!

Now the lipstick is a MATT finish, i know alot of people have issues with MATT lipsticks from mac, mostly because they can be a bit dry :( now i have found this to be a nice and creamy texture and it feels nice on aplication!
The above image is of the lipstick and the pencel before aplication.

The top is the lipstick and the bottom is the lip pencil (obvious i know! i like to be thourough)

Now for the prices
Lipstick £14.50
Lip Pencil £11.50
LipGlass £13.50
Nail Lacquer £10
Eye Shadow £12

If i get any more from this collection in this collour i will be sure to put up a new post!

New Mac Collections!

Well just came back from Dublin airport today and bought back a lot of mac! stay tuned for swaches!

The beginning of the end?

The Start of my blogging venture, well this will be interesting  This is primarily a beauty blog as im trying to make it as a makeup artist! Hope you all enjoy! If the is anyone out there lol!